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The Moon!

Earth's only natural satellite, our beautiful moon has inspired poets and nurtured romance.  One of the most beautiful sites in the sky! 

The moon is especially easy to photograph because it is so easy to find in a telescope.  If you leave the shutter open a little longer, the bright part of the moon gets overexposed and you start to pick up the "Earthshine" which is the light reflected from the Earth which shines on the Moon's side opposite the Sun.  So beautiful!  This one was taken July 30, 2014, from Cape Foulweather on the Oregon Coast.  I remember this especially because our local sheriff drove up shortly after I took this photo and asked us to leave.  You aren't supposed to be in the state parks and pull-outs after dusk.  You would think that two old people with a telescope wouldn't pose a threat, though!  That is when my husband decided that we needed to buy property in a dark sky area to have a permanent and "safe" home for our telescope!


Another Earthglow photo taken in January, 2015, in Neskowin

Here is a nearly full moon taken on June 20, 2013.

And a half moon taken in January 2015 in Neskowin.

Another half moon taken in June 2015

Here is a shot of just a sliver of a moon left, taken in December of 2013 when we went to Palm Desert California to see Comet Ison.