Checking out an activity

Most of these activities are offered at no charge to Lincoln County (Oregon) teachers.  Those that do require a small fee are noted in the activity list. Teachers simply “check out” the activity much as they would a book at a local library.  The activity is delivered at least 24 hours (usually longer) prior to the date required by the teacher.  And, the activity is picked up when the teacher has finished presenting the activity to the class. 

Typically these activities come with the following:

  • All materials necessary to complete the activity
  • Most activities have 5 complete sets so that the teacher can break their class into teams, each independently conducting the activity
  • One printed copy describing the steps to the activity (teachers may copy these freely)
  • A video demonstrating the use of the activity
  • If desired by the teacher, a facilitator is available to assist when the activity is presented to the class

In addition, the Lincoln County School District recorded 17 videos of “Wiggle Watcher World” in 2010 which are also available.  The videos of this series present the 19 topics covered in the Wiggle Watcher activities.  In some of these videos, well known Earth scientists are interviewed on a particular topic.  Each of the videos shows at least one (and as many as five) of the Wiggle Watcher activities.  Click HERE to see these videos.

If you are interested in checking out one of the activities, contact Kay Wyatt at and provide the following;

  • activity number you desire
  • how many children will participate
  • the date you wish to use the activity
  • if you wish to have a facilitator present when you demonstrate the activity for the children

We will do our very best to accomodate you!


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